Have American citizenship, but live outside the USA? 

If so, you need to subscribe to this newsletter.  Why?  Because you face surprising financial and tax complications that aren’t shared by citizens of other countries.

  • You may owe US taxes on money you earn outside the US. 

  • You probably will need to file an annual report detailing all your foreign financial accounts. 

  • Most popular investment products, if foreign, trigger expensive US tax preparation costs. 

  • Most foreign financial advisors won’t understand your situation.

  • Most American advisors won’t either.

  • Advisors who do understand are expensive and hard to find.

  • Non-compliance penalties are outrageous, but rarely enforced.  Want to risk them?

  • Every American expat needs to understand these facts to make informed life choices.

Why listen to me?  I’m neither an accountant nor lawyer, but I’ve wrestled with expat problems for more than 40 years.  I’ve learned things that I’d like to share with you.  

For the backstory on my path to becoming an expat, read my Expat by Chance post. 

Had this newsletter existed in the past, it would’ve reduced my anxiety and saved me lots of time and money.

Now it does exist, and I invite you to read it.  The only cost is your time to read an occasional email from me.

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Warren O. Eaton

Retired child development prof interested in 👶🗳️🐶🐱🏒🏈🌳 & 💻. Born & raised in 🇺🇸, has lived in 🇨🇦 since 1976. Writes about hidden baby milestones that parents can monitor and the 💰 & tax hassles of middle-class 🇺🇸 expats.